General Care

Our line of general cleaning products covers every cleaning need you may have. Whether you’re cleaning glass, metal, tile, carpet or any other surface, our potent specially formulated solutions will get the job done right. No matter what the application, you can rely on the efficiency of these powerful cleaning products.

Degreasers & Multi Purpose Cleaners

A combination of ingredients, which have the power to remove all types of dirt, stains, oil and grease from every washable surface.

1148 Super-U All Purpose Cleaner
11662 Wizard Degreaser
1150 Super U Degreaser
1142 Orange All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
1141 Magic Degreaser
1140 Orange Limonene APC, Degreaser & Deodorizer
115274 Lavender Multi Purpose Cleaner
1197 Mountain Air
1502 Prime Degreaser
1514 Supremium Degreaser
1177 HD All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner
1225 Marble & Granite Cleaner
4134 Winter Fresh

Restroom Cleaners

A ready to use bathroom and bowl cleaner, deodorizer. It cleans, and removes stains and soils from porcelain and other bathroom surfaces.

1340 Low Acid Bowl Solvent Cleaner
1341 Non-Acid Bowl Solvent Cleaner
1343 Tub & Tile Cleaner
1101 Supreme Creme Cleanser



Counteractent & Odor Eliminator

A concentrated formula, it destroys foul odors associated with vomit, feces, urine etc.
which is used in schools, nursing homes, hotels and public areas.

1027 Cherry Plus Odor Counteractent
1028 Lemon Plus Odor Counteractent
1029 Apple Plus Odor Counteractent
1030 Orange Plus Odor Counteractent
1192 Fresh Clean Odor Counteractent
1284 Pine Destroyer
11522 Compactor Plus
1174 Hydro Zyme


Carpet Care

A ready to use formula, which will quickly and easily penetrate and lift stains in one application from color-fast carpeting while leaving no sticky residue.

1189 Rug Extraction Shampoo
1196 Spots Away
1194 Fast 99 Carpet Cleaner




Enzymes/Drain & Sewer Maintenance

Enzymes and sewer Maintenance will effectively digest grease, oils, fats and other organic wastes which lead to clogs and odor problems, drains, septic systems.

1174 Hydro Zyme
1176 Clog Drain Opener
1179 Enzyme Cleaner 903



Glass Cleaner

A non-streaking, which is especially nice to work with on windows, glass surfaces and mirrors. Leaving a crystal clear surface, and a protective sheen which resists accumulation of dust.

1201 Super-U Glass Cleaner
1202 Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
1156 Magic Glass Cleaner



Hand Soaps

A formulation of high quality hand soaps, which produces abundant and long lasting lather to effectively clean hands. Ideal for use in hotels, spas and food handling facilities.

1002 Ultra-U Pink Hand Soap
1003 Deluxe Pink Hand Soap
1004 Ultra-U White Lotion Hand Soap
1005 Deluxe White Lotion Hand Soap
1006 Anti Microbial Pink Hand Soap


Hair & Body Shampoo

A luxury formula for a relaxing shower experience, which leaves hair and skin feel soft and clean. All natural pH balanced.

1048 Apple Essence
1049 Superior Shampoo