Floor Care

Leading solutions for proven performance and durability for floor care. Unified’s extensive floor care offering are second to none. Our floor care innovation will reduce your labor costs, increase efficiency and optimize your floor care program to fit your maintenance needs. From hardwood floors to tile floors, our floor cleaning products protect your investment in quality floor treatments. Unified offers a wide range of products with something for every type of floor cleaning or shining challenge. Unified has the answer.


Deodorants & Cleaners

A concentrated, water-based solution that helps control foul odors from all surfaces. Ideal for applications that require a cleaner and deodorizer that also has the power of a scrub.

1152 Cherry Cleaner & Deodorant
1258 Cherry Max
1153 Lemon Cleaner & Deodorant
1147 Apple Cleaner & Deodorant
1131 Mint Cleaner & Deodorant
11158 Orange Cleaner & Deodorant
115274 Lavender Cleaner & Deodorant
1255 Pine Plus
1154 Pine Oil Cleaner & Deodorant

Scrub Soaps

Scrub Soaps contains solvents that speed the cleaning of numerous surfaces. More than just a cleaner and deodorizer. Scrub Soap is a heavy-duty solution that saves time and money and leaves floors and others surfaces clean and fresh smelling.

1151 Cherry Scrub Soap
1155 Pine Scrub Soap
11531 Lemon Scrub Soap
11532 Apple Scrub Soap


Floor Finishes

A formulation that requires less maintenance than other finishes. Elegant: features a wet-look gloss and extended durability. It yields a long lasting and extremely hard yet flexible film.

1185 Ultra-U 25% Floor Finish
1186 Ultra-U 18%Floor Finish
1187 Ultra-U 16%Floor Finish
1183 Select Floor Finish
1184 Floor Sealer
1188 Spray Buff



Our Strippers emulsifies and suspends even the most difficult floor finished, and is designed for floor machine use. Labor, materials and costs are reduced by use of this highly effective and efficient.

1166 Stripper 1000 Non-Ammoniatted
1167 Supreme Ammoniated Stripper
1168 Stripper Plus
1169 Deluxe Stripper
1469 Odorless Stripper
1470 Ultra Stripper Non-Corrosive
1165 Economical Stripper Ammoniated
1130 Laser Stripper
1135 Stripper1000 Ammoniated

Neutral Cleaners

A highly effective dirt and grime remover that will not harm or dull floor finishes. Perfect for maintaining high gloss finishes. A concentrated formula with neutral pH.

1160 Super u Neutral Cleaner
11589 Sunrise Neutral Cleaner
1192 Fresh And Clean
115274 Lavender
11158 Orange


Carpet Care

A ready to use formula, which will quickly and easily penetrate and lift stains in one application from color-fast carpeting while leaving no sticky residue.

1189 Rug Extraction Shampoo
1196 Spots Away
1194 Fast 99 Carpet Cleaner



Degreasers & Multi Purpose Cleaners

A combination of ingredients, which have the power to remove all types of dirt, stains, oil and grease from every washable surface.

1148 Super-U All Purpose Cleaner
11662 Wizard Degreaser
1150 Super U Degreaser
1142 Orange All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
1141 Magic Degreaser
1140 Orange Limonene APC, Degreaser & Deodorizer
115274 Lavender Multi Purpose Cleaner
1197 Mountain Air
1502 Prime Degreaser
1514 Supremium Degreaser
1177 HD All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner
1225 Marble & Granite Cleaner
4134 Winter Fresh